Why Vote Hudak

  • Because I care about our community:

Because, like you, I care about Deerfield Beach and my neighbors.

Because like you, I want to ensure our city grows and prospers.

Because like you, I want to live in a city that is respected and is family friendly.

Because like you, I want to live in a city with utilities that work and roads that are drivable.

Because like you, I want to live in a city that is safe with Police, Fire and Rescue units available.

  • I promise to listen to you:

I do not have all of the answers as your commissioner I promise to listen to you and do what is best for our community not what is best for a select few. As your commissioner I promise, to lead with discipline, respect and honor. There are times when as leaders we need to "agree to disagree", but we still must treat each other with respect even in times of disagreement. We have been given us two ears and one mouth for a reason, and as your commissioner I will seek first to understand and then be understood.

  • I will work diligently to unite:

As a professional in Human Resources I realize that in order to get things accomplished you have to get departments, employees, and divisions to work together. No one commissioner has the authority to set policy for our city, one cannot be an individual who continually challenges the dais, and expect to be successful in getting our communities agenda approved. I have always been and will continue to be a calming force in the face of adversity. I will stand up for our district, and will work with the Mayor and other Commissioners so our community continues to prosper. I believe that the members of the dais have to work together so that the city as a whole moves in one unified direction towards greatness as its citizens direct.

  • I will represent you with honor and dignity:

There are leaders at the county, state and federal level that make decisions everyday that affect our city. I will represent our district with honor when forming bonds with the leadership at the County, State and Federal Level, to ensure the city of Deerfield Beach's best interests are well represented when those decisions are being made.

  • I will work hard for you:

You will not always agree with every decision made by your elected leaders, but I promise that every decision I vote on will be based on diligent research of the issue and with the most up to date information available at the time the decision needs to be voted on. As your elected commissioner I will need your help and seek your guidance, as the decisions I vote on affect all of us. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and when I do error; I will do everything possible to correct it as quickly as possible.

  • Do you believe in discipline, honor and respect?
  • Do you believe your elected officials have an obligation to be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars? Do you want someone to represent you with dignity?

If your answers are yes, then we share the same values and beliefs and that is why you should vote for Michael E. Hudak. I would be honored to represent you as your commissioner and ask for your vote on March 19, 2019.