Crime and Drugs


Crime in our neighborhood is on the rise and we need to address this now before it gets worst, if we want to attract new businesses and residents. Each week at least 50 crimes are committed within a 5 mile radius of the center of our district ranging from burglary and robbery to aggravated assault. I do not want to see the return of the "pill-mills" and I want to see more policing of the prescription industry to ensure that only those who legally are authorized to receive the prescription drugs are the individuals who receive them.  

Sober houses in our district is another issue I have concerns about. One opened up at the end of my block about 10 years ago and while we have never had an issue, I was very apprehensive when it opened. As a father of five I was very concerned about the potential influences, a sober house would pose to my family and neighbors.

 I believe in a strong approval process before they are allowed to operate in our neighborhoods and strict monitoring of these establishments when they are approved. I do believe that drug addiction is a disease and individuals need help to overcome it, but sober houses are not 100% effective and individuals who relapse during their stay pose a threat to our community.